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Best In Delivery

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Best In Packing

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Best In Transport

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Cash On Delivery

SecuraEx Logistics collects the value of the product upon delivery from the customer and remits the product value to the shipper.

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Prepaid Delivery

SecuraEx Logistics delivers the product to the customer on behalf of the shipper cost of the product is already been paid by the customer.

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Reverse Pick Up

SecuraEx Logistics collects the delivered shipment from the customer to be returned to the shipper.

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On Call Reverse Pick Up

SecuraEx Logistics schedule the pick up appointment immediately per request and per call process.

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Ware Housing

SecuraEx Logistics storage of shipments within a warehouse and process the associated transactions, including shipping, receiving, putaway and picking.

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Same Day Delivery

SecuraEx Logistics will deliver the shipments on the same day of pickup.

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